A clean sheet redesign
of the 'land system.'

Landdox reimagines software’s role within the modern land team.

Cloud-based, easily customizable, and amazingly intuitive, Landdox allows land teams to accomplish all their traditional duties—only faster, more accurately, and with less manpower. Even more exciting—Landdox helps land teams redefine and expand their role within the industry.

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Landdox includes every tool the modern land team needs to do their work within one fully integrated application.

Landdox customers operate more efficiently and accurately by relying on a single source of truth for ownership stakes, well decks, obligations, payments and more. And no one misses paying for separate modules that never truly integrate.

Visualize & Manage Land Ownership Surface to Core

Land ownership can be incredibly complex. The same surface tract can have different mineral owners at different depths and formations. And each owner can sign a lease with varying provisions. Landdox Tract Stacks allow you to create, drag, and drop records so that you can visualize mineral and lease interests as if you could see a formation column underground.

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Auto-Calculate DOI & Well Decks

DOI and well deck calculations are grounded in lease, tract, and unit relationships. Yet, most operators still run the numbers using a combination of division order software and spreadsheets that are completely divorced from their lease records system. Landdox has a one-click DOI calculator that rolls up the DOI math at a unit and well level based on the underlying land records.

Customize & Create Forms

Track your assets the way you want to track them. Track any type of land document—in forms specific to them, not just a single catch all form that serves everything.


Use Landdox’s secure API (application programming interface) to integrate with other systems, centralized databases, or build entirely new software on top of your account.

Document Management

Documents lie at the heart of land work. That's why document management is completely embedded into every facet of Landdox. Easily link documents to any combination of records. Landdox automatically converts your scanned documents into searchable text using embedded OCR technology.


Freed from the constraints of rigid databases, Landdox offers unlimited reporting capabilities.

Obligations, rentals, expirations, acreage calculations, and more can be tracked and reported by interest type, by owner, by formation—by any parameter you dream up.

Drag-and-drop to format your report, set the data filters, and go. It's that simple.


Catalog and forecast financial obligations, assign responsibility for managing and approving expenses, and easily share details with your accounting department.

Track and allocate revenue to individual well, lease, and mineral interests.


Build the maps you need right inside Landdox, without expensive investments or specialized training in GIS software.


Even casual users can uncover the details buried in land records and document files in milliseconds with Landdox keyword search.

Obligation &

Capture high-impact provisions, calendar obligations, and assign them for review, comment, and approval.

Landdox’s customizable reports are relevant, easy to use, and enable our team to respond to questions and information requests quickly. As a result, our colleagues place more trust in our land team.

Erica Adkisson, Clear Creek

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